Meet Unicorns Friends


Meet Leprechaun and BlueZilla.

Leprechaun is a funny little Jet Ski who is always laughing and joking as he revs around the water.

BlueZilla is a Blue tongue lizard that loves playing in the water and riding Jet Skis more than anything!


Meet Lizzie and Q

Lizzie is a fun loving Bearded Dragon who lives in the trees at Paradise Bay.

Q is a happy and funny Jet Ski who loves to jump and do broncos.


Meet Rex and Cossie

Rex has always wanted to be a racing Jet Ski like his brother Tazzie

Cossie is an amazing Jet Ski riding Heeler.


Meet Tazzie and Kwilana

Tazzie is a world champion racing Jet Ski

Kwilana is a friendly little Dolphin who lives with her family in Paradise Bay.


Meet Percy and Petunia Petal

Percy is a member of the Pelican family who live at Paradise Bay. He loves to fly along with his friends on the water.

Petunia Petal is BlueZillas younger sister who also loves Jet Skiing!


Meet Motocorn, Minicorn and Peeweecorn

They’re all special little motorbikes that love to do monos and burn around all day!


Unicorn is a magical little Jet Ski who has many Jet Ski adventures and fun with all her friends.

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